Phase One

Emergency Assistance (Psychological & Safety Needs)

The women and children come from lives of trauma and abuse. They feel unsafe living in poverty, debt and crisis. We provide a safe place to share their fears and concerns. In partnership with other organizations, we assist them with food, electricity, rent, new appliances and other immediate needs. In addition, twice a year at the holidays, we provide 450 families with substantial stipends and food coupons. We have distributed shoes, coats, heaters and blankets to over 100 families. These families know for the first time that they have a supportive network and that they are not alone.

Phase two

Community Building & Social Engagement (Love & Belonging)

As these women and their children feel isolated and alone, we build bonds and create a surrogate “family” for over 80 single mother families in crisis.

Through our support groups, community breakfasts, holiday events and therapeutic group trips and outings, they learn a sense of belonging and become part of a caring, compassionate community.

Phase three

Holistic Therapy & Healing Center

Our Holistic Therapy and Healing Center is safe place and second home for single mothers and their children to heal their wounds and move forward.

At our center, the deep work begins through our innovative workshops. Here, these women restore their self-confidence and discover their skills and talents. We offer group and individual therapy, drama therapy and courtses in painting, ceramics, Pilates, parenting, self-empowerment and leadership.

Phase four

Business Development & Sustainability

Our new Vocational Center and HUB Business Incubator is unique in  Israel focusing primarily on single mothers. In the center, they receive essential training, support, business mentoring and advice to guide them towards full financial independence. The Center provides classes in state-of-the-art technology skills, social networking and marketing. The HUB is a communal environment providing subsidized office space and conference areas. After graduating from these courses, the women can work in the HUB while gradually building their businesses with the help of a supportive professional staff.

Phase five

Strengthening the Children

While the mothers are on a path of emotional and financial recovery, One People One Heart initiated an individualized holistic program for teenage boys severely at risk that includes intensive support, meals, tutoring, martial arts, extra-curricular activities and community service.

Our horse-riding therapy program serves an additional 50 children.